Jesus at Prayer

11 October, 2020
1. Introduction: Prayer before Gethsemane  2.   Mission Accomplished (v.1-5)  3.   The Apostles in Focus (v.6-19)  4.   The Prayer That Spans the Ages (v.20-26)

A New Covenant

15 December, 2019
1.   Introduction: Vows and Promises 2.   The High Priest We Have 3.   What Was Wrong with the Old Covenant? 4.   What Does the New Covenant Look Like? 5.   The Better…
1.   Things to keep in mind. 2.   The Melchizedek Story. Hebrews 7:1-3 3.   Why did the author of Hebrews see Melchizedek as so important? 4.   What are the distinguishing marks…