The Illusion of Evolution

Get Answers! Does God exist? How can anyone believe in religion when science has proved no God is necessary? Is evolution happening today? If there is a loving God, then why do we die? Want answers? Get them! Creation Ministries International is coming soon (see details below) with answers to these and many other important questions. Come along and listen to Jim Whitehall expose the bankruptcy of evolutionary ideas. You’ll be blown away to see how the supposed ‘scientific evidence for evolution’ is really nothing of the sort. This is an issue that affects everyone. According to the theory of… Continue reading

The God of Creation

On Sunday 7th February 2021 we commence a sermon series on the opening chapters of the bible, Genesis 1-3. These chapters are generally treated with ridicule by the world at large and are mostly avoided by Christians for being divisive or out of step with modern science. In this series we will aim to explore and uncover what these chapters teach us concerning God, ourselves and the world around us. Both morning and evening services each Sunday will be devoted to unpacking the same passage, but doing so a little differently: our morning sermons will provide a straightforward exposition of… Continue reading

Equip Women 2017

EQUIP women is an annual conference for Christian women held in Sydney. With uplifting music and inspiring interviews, EQUIP is for everyone – whether you’ve been a Christian for ages, or just checking it out. So bring your mum, daughter, friends, colleagues or whole Bible Study group for the best day out of the year! Albion Park Presbyterian Church will again be hosting a live stream of the conference for those who can’t make it to Sydney. This was a popular event last year with many women attending from the Albion Park region and beyond. Location: 250 Tongarra Rd, Albion Park Date: Saturday, 27th… Continue reading