14 August, 2016

When the Foundations Are Being Destroyed

Passage: Psalm 11
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Assessing our present situation:

  • The changing scene in our Post-Christian, Post-Modern World
  • we see before our very eyes 'the foundations being destroyed’
  • the Bible as God’s revealed truth
  • morality - the ‘hippie’ generation
  • truth - the denial of the possibility of absolute truth
  • multiculturalism: ‘all roads lead to Rome’
  • sexuality: ‘Safe Schools’ Program
  • life: redefinition of the beginning of life
  • marriage: redefinition of the meaning of the word
  • language: the subtle hijacking of thought
  • Is the battle already lost?

King David’s response:

  1. Where I stand: “In the LORD I take refuge” (1a)
  2. What I reject: “How can you say to me ….” (1b-3)
  3. Why I am prepared to take this stand: “The LORD is in his holy temple..." (4-7)
  • the LORD is still concerned for, and involved in, his Creation
  • nothing escapes the LORD’s notice
  • the LORD’s values of righteousness & justice don’t change
  • the LORD will have the final say in Judgement (cf Psalm 2)
  • there is hope for all who take refuge in him (Psalm 18:30)

?  What is our response?       ?  How is it reflected in our prayer life?