Audio sermons

1. The Words of the One Who Defeated Death (v8) 2.   The Present Trials of the Saints in Smyrna (v9) 3.   Future Affliction for the Saints in Smyrna (v10) 4. …
1.   The Church’s Saviour Described (v12) 2.   The Church’s Commitment Commended (v13) 3.   The Church’s Compromise Rebuked (v14-15) 4.   The Church’s Future(s) Revealed (v16-17)
1. The Blessed Life (v.1-2) 2.   The Nature of Blessing (v.3-4). 3.   Contrast: the Way of the Wicked (v.4-5) 4.   Psalm 1 as Introduction
1.   The Church’s Risen King (2:1) 2.   The Church’s Resilience Commended (2:2-3) 3.   The Church’s Present Failing (2:4-6) 4.   The Church’s Promised Future (2:7)

1.   The Birth of a Baby and the Dragon’s Threat (vv.1-6) 2.   A Battle in Heaven and the Dragon’s Defeat (vv.7-12) 3.   The Dragon’s Fury and the Woman’s Flight (vv.13-17)
1.   In Place of Darkness… Light (9:1-2) 2.   In Place of Sorrow… Joy (9:3) 3.   In Place of Oppression… Peace (9:4-5) 4.   In the Place of Honour… a Child?! (9:6-7)
Introduction:  A bit of Christmas Trivia 1.   The First ‘Appearance’ (2:11) 2.   The Second ‘Appearing’ (2:13-14) 3.   Living in the Between Time. (2:12) Saying No! Saying Yes! The Challenge for…

Delivered by God

9 December, 2017
1.   Deliverance for the Afflicted (vv21-24) 2.   Deliverance for the Faithful (vv25-26) 3.   Deliverance for Future Generations (vv27-31)
1.   The Suffering of the Saints (vv1-8) 2.   The Summons of the Saviour (vv9-11) 3.   A Vision of the Son of Man (vv12-16) 4.   The Victory of the Son of…

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